Savage Earth: Hell Road

Long Shooter

2nd Recounting

After a drifter named Hiro Watanabe was seen walking along the side of Hell Road carrying a dead female, Ryan Kensington stopped to ask Hiro what happened.

Hiro told Ryan about a Blood Axe longshooter, or sniper, who had killed the young woman and the others traveling with her. Hiro said they must have unknowingly wandered into the Blood Axe territory. Hiro warned Ryan to turn back since Hell Road went past where the longshooter was. However, Hiro also hinted about the possibility of Ryan gaining a longshooter’s rifle if they worked together to put a stop to the longshooter. It would also deal a blow to Death Metal’s iron grip in the area.

Together, Ryan and Hiro found the longshooter’s sniper nest and killed her. Now armed with a long range rifle, Ryan is urged to hunt down Death Metal and possibly bring out Imperius, leader of the Desert Rats responsible for his family’s death.



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